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Colin Sewell
Guelph, Ontario, Canada
Telephone: 519.265.7337

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There is a wealth of OpenVMS resources available on the web. Here are a few of the locations that I've found that are helpful to both experienced and new OpenVMS users. Oh, and there's some VMS humour thrown in for good measure :-)

Process Software OpenVMS resources Process Software's OpenVMS resource page, compiled and maintained by Hunter Goatley, a name that should be familiar to all OpenVMS users. This is where the WKU fileserve went.
OpenVMS Hobbyist OpenVMS Hobbyist Site where hobbyists may register for free licenses and order the Alpha or VAX OpenVMS hobbyist kit. You must be a member of a participating user group.
Process Software OpenVMS Hobbyist Program Where and how to get MultiNet and TCPWare hobbyist licenses for OpenVMS.
Raxco Software OpenVMS Hobbyist Page Where and how to get a hobbyist license for Raxco's PerfectDisk disk defragmenter for OpenVMS. Good luck though. After numerous attempts, I've never gotten any response from them. A website for System Administrators, developers, and enterprise managers, offering recent industry news, events, links, etc. related to HP's OpenVMS operating system running on the Alpha platform.
OpenVMS: VAX-Alpha-IA64 Neil Rieck's site has just about a little of everything regarding OpenVMS including links to nostalgic sites about Digital Equipment and the history of VMS.
DJE Systems OpenVMS CD-ROM Page Information on creating and burning OpenVMS CD-ROM images.
dec-cdrom-list.txt Unofficial and incomplete list of third party CD-ROM's that work with VAX and Alpha systems. Dated, but still a good source of information to find out if your CD-ROM drive will work.
OpenVMS Freeware Separate and zipped saveset of the OpenVMS freeware collection.
Arne Vajh°j's OpenVMS Info Arne Vajh°j's page contains links to other sources of OpenVMS info.
OPCOM's VMS Hobbyist Zone Pat Jankowiak (a.k.a. OPCOM), hobbyist site.
OpenVMS FAQ OpenVMS Frequently Asked Questions, hosted by HP/COMPAQ.
OpenVMS Technical Journal OpenVMS systems technical journal electronic publication, from HP/COMPAQ.
OpenVMSÖ systems HP/Compaq's OpenVMS home page.
The OpenVMS« Operating System Phil Ottewell 's OpenVMS page. A good source of OpenVMS info containing a short history of VAX and Alpha, software porting information, a VMS tutorial, and a list of other VMS web links.
OpenVMS Systems OpenVMS documentation HP OpenVMS documentation
OpenVMS V7.3-1 Documentation Direct link to V7.3-1 documentation. Some is available in PDF format.
Process Software MultiNet V4.4 Documentation Documentation of Process Software's implementation of the TCP/IP stack under OpenVMS
OpenVMS Message Board Hunter Goatley's OpenVMS message board.
OpenVMS Systems Ask The Wizard Ask the OpenVMS Wizard a question. You won't necessarily get an answer though!
OpenVMS software patches The latest patches to OpenVMS.
The VAXorcist Humour: The ultimate VAX horror story
VAXen War Story VAXen, my children, just don't belong some places.