Colin Sewell

Windows & OpenVMS Application Programming

Colin Sewell
Guelph, Ontario, Canada
Telephone: 519.265.7337

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I've written a few OpenVMS programs and procedures that you may find interesting, or use as examples in OpenVMS systems programming. Most are quite harmless, but SYSTAT, for example, uses special kernel AST's and, as any OpenVMS systems programmer can tell you, can cause spectacular crash dumps. While the program runs fine on my machine, I take no responsibility for any problems it may cause on your machine.

I also can't guarantee that the programs will run on all machines and any release of OpenVMS as I only have V7.3 to test on. Source and binaries are provided. You will need Info-Zip's UnZip for OpenVMS. Since the UnZip distribution is zipped itself, you will find unzip binaries for most flavors of OpenVMS at Info-ZIP's SourceForge site.

You may also need the OpenVMS Make utility (MMK) to build the programs if you wish.

SYSTAT A kind of SHOW SYSTEM utility on steroids. It will show open files, recall buffers, command lines, default directory, etc. for any or all processes. (16-JUN-2003 - My 7.3 hobbyist kit showed up, so I updated the GETCOMMAND module with the offset for the 7.3 command buffer. If anyone knows how to calculate the offset in a version independent fashion, please e-mail me)
UTL$LIB A library of routines you will need to build some of the following packages. Unzip into the directory of choice and define a logical name UTL$LIB that points to it. There is a source directory provided for rebuilding the library.
PCU Printer controller utility. You can start, stop, show, flush, and otherwise modify print and batch queues with this program.
TPUEDIT A front end to EVE, or your favourite TPU editor. Remembers the last file you edited and the position in the last file. Will also spawn a kept editor to make editing start-up faster.
VTEDIT An editor written in TPU that is a kind of combination of EVE, EDT, and the old TECO VTEDIT macro. There used to be help file that went along with it, but I've misplaced it. Also included is an compiled EVE section file that will search and replace strings. However, I've lost the source for that.
MAGTAPE A utility for examining and manipulating magnetic tapes. This is going to have to be translated to C as it is written in PASCAL, and I don't have a PASCAL compiler anymore. If anyone wants to fiddle with the PASCAL source, they are more than welcome. You can find it here. It may take a bit of work since it's a pretty old program, though. Please send me any results you come up with.
COMPILE A command procedure to compile and link just about anything. Best used with TPUEDIT to compile and link the last edited file.
PROFILE A menu based SYSUAF account manager. The original was written in FORTRAN by John Howell and is still available here. This one is re-written in C and has many more features and options.
SETDEF A directory navigation procedure. Everyone's written one, and I'm no exception.