Colin Sewell

Windows & OpenVMS Application Programming

Colin Sewell
Guelph, Ontario, Canada
Telephone: 519.265.7337

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I've always been fascinated by astronomy and space travel. I still remember watching the first manned lunar landing on my parents old black and white TV way back in July, 1969. Here are some of the most interesting links regarding space flight I've found while browsing the web. The Apollo Lunar Surface Journal is especially fascinating, containing a wealth of audio and video clips and little known information regarding all the manned lunar landings.

The International Space Station

Apollo program

The planets

The moon


People tell me I have rather strange taste in music. I know my wife mostly hates the music that I do listen to :-) But I have an eclectic taste in music, ranging from rock to jazz, to classical. Here are a very few links to composers and bands that I have enjoyed over the years and still continue to listen to.

Also, I have recently been studying and programming in ASP .NET, and have created a web page where you can search my CD and MP3 collection. You can reach it from this link: Colin's Music Database