Colin Sewell

Windows & OpenVMS Application Programming

Colin Sewell
Guelph, Ontario, Canada
Telephone: 519.265.7337

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Colin lives in beautiful British Columbia with his lovely wife Susan and three guinea pigs: Daisy, Maggie, and Mouse. Here is an obituary I wrote about one of our first guinea pigs, Louise. Also, a picture of Daisy's original companion, Abigail, who went to the vet for an operation and never returned.

Sadly, on March 21, 2006, Daisy made that final trip to the veterinarian's office. My wife wrote a lovely obituary for her, which you may read here. You may also view more pictures of Daisy here.

Daisy, looking confused

Daisy, posing for the camera

Maggie, looking longingly at her cage

Maggie, squeaking for dinner

Mouse, looking cute

Three pigs in a row